I'm Ready to Buy a House...Now What?


When it comes to buying a house, the process can seem a bit intimidating — but with proper planning, the right mindset, and a great Realtor in your corner, it can be exciting and even fun! Check out these quick tips to help make buying your next home go more smoothly — from the house hunt all the way to move-in day.

Know how much you qualify for.

Shopping for a home is not all that different from all shopping — first, you should start by understanding your budget and how much you qualify for in terms of a home loan. The good news in our current market? Interest rates are low (as of today, just below 4%), giving you more buying power. Keep in mind that, while having a good credit score is important in qualifying, a good lender can show you ways to improve your credit if now isn’t the time for you to buy.

As you establish your budget and know what you can qualify for, you can narrow down your home search — focusing on properties that will fit all your needs without placing too much strain on your monthly budget. You still want to eat out occasionally or go on a vacation!

Understand the market you want to buy in.

Not all parts of Portland are the same — some are hotter and are appreciating faster than others, while others could be the next powerhouse ‘hoods! Get assistance from a Buyer’s Agent, Realtors who specialize in working with clients that are buying, like us! We can guide you to the best areas and neighborhoods for your budget, needs, and goals.

Remember that there are always options at any price — it’s just about making the right trade-offs and buying right — and we can help you with that!

Don’t let emotion override logic.

Part of what we do as Realtors is take a long assessment of what matters to you in a home and community, as well as what features you need and are looking for. It is easy to fall in love with the charm of a vintage home, but we also help you consider the rational consequences of choosing an older home.

Getting objective counsel will make sure you choose right to get a home not only has the features you need for your lifestyle, but is a place that you love now and will love for years to come

Negotiate well.

Most people don’t have to make big buying decisions on a regular basis — and even when we undertake those tasks, like when buying a car, almost everyone dreads the experience and the negotiations back and forth. With purchasing a home, we’ve got your back!

A good Realtor will be the one to negotiate and advocate FOR YOU. They will help you understand what is acceptable and what is not depending upon the house and the repairs needed. Having someone who is skilled at negotiating can make all the difference in shouldering the stress of the home buying process.

Understand the contracts you sign.

It is important to remember that buying a home is a legally binding process, and while that thought can be intimidating, a good Realtor can help! Your Realtor will make sure you fully understand every form and contract you sign, as well as what terms benefit you or the seller.

There are legal consequences to the terms and language written into your contract, so be sure to get experienced and skilled help by hiring a seasoned Realtor.


Nothing is more exciting than buying a new home! It is where you put your head and night and is likely the biggest investment you will make — so have fun! Enjoy the process — from your home search to move-in day — and be proud of being able to achieve the American Dream!

If you or someone you know are ready to make a move, give us a call — 503-336-7653!