How To Improve Property Value

Are you getting ready to sell your house?

Before you start advertising your property, take a look at these useful tips to increase the resale value of your house.

Not only are these going to help you set a higher asking price, but it will also beautify your house, making it a sight for sore eyes among buyers.

1. Start with a Thorough Inspection

Whether you decide to spend some time with an interior designer, a realtor, a handyman or just inspect the house yourself, take the time to look at your house objectively. You can start with the aesthetics and examine the paint, furniture, and décor pieces like rugs and paintings. The small touches really make a house feel cozier and can easily help you sell higher. If you decide to hire a pro, keep in mind their fees are usually around $100 per house. After taking a close look at the design, it’s time to check out the electrical systems, the roof, the AC and heating. Stay one step ahead of unpleasant surprises by doing a thorough check-up and ensuring everything works smoothly. An inspector will be able to pinpoint big issues that could decrease your home’s value. Pay attention to his advice and don’t postpone urgent fixes. 

2. Paint the Indoors and Outdoors

A fresh coat of paint is super-efficient and budget friendly. If you like the idea of a DIY, you can freshen up the living room and bedrooms as well as the outdoor walls. Remember that this is not a good time to experiment with bold colors. Keep your color palette neutral – you don’t want to scare away any potential buyers. The finished updated and clean look of your home will make it feel more welcoming and, most importantly, more valuable. 

3. Consider Landscaping, Trees and Plants 

Even if your property is still in a mortgage you can start making plans to sell it today. It’s never too early to take steps to increase the value of your house. This is valid especially for landscaping and planting trees. Shade trees are strikingly beautiful and can make a house more desirable. Additionally, the correct placement of your shade tree can help decrease your cooling expenses during hot summer months. Trees and plants instantly add more curb appeal to your home. This draws in potential buyers who are willing to spend extra money for a manicured garden with mature trees. 

4. Install a Water Filtration System and New Fixtures

This is an affordable addition to your kitchen that will have a huge impact on your grocery shopping bills. Not to mention that it will add more value to your house and impress buyers. A water filtration system is easy to install and offers purified water 24/7. Another thing that homebuyers swoon over are energy-efficient fixtures. Think smart light switches with customizable settings, super-silent ceiling fans, clean, eco-friendly air conditioning filters, and warm-light fixtures. Combined, all of these add more value to the house and make the rooms feel modern and updated. 

5. Make Sure Your House Looks Spick and Span 

Cleanliness speaks volumes about the level of maintenance you put into your property. A neat house feels safe and honest. Homebuyers will feel more comfortable investing a lot of money in a house that looks neat since this spells care and high maintenance. They won’t worry about hidden flaws, termites or bugs in a property that looks like a house on the cover of a magazine. Your garden, lawn, hallways, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms should all shine. If you don’t feel up to the task, hire a cleaning company that will make sure to leave your house feeling and looking spotless. From the windows and fixtures, to the sinks, shower cabins furniture, carpets, and door handles, everything should sparkle and look inviting. 

6. Make Your Home Feel Bigger 

Your home’ square footage matters immensely. However, if your house is cluttered and full of old furniture, it will look much smaller than it actually is. Avoid losing money when selling your property by decluttering the rooms, including your pantry, closets and dressing rooms. Let in as much natural sunlight as possible and ditch heavy draperies or curtains in favor of more modern shutters or blinds. Mirrors come in handy when you want to make a space look bigger. Not only do they double the space, they also reflect the light and can make a room sunnier. Store your clutter in the garage or hold a garage sale if you don’t need it anymore. Invest the money in minimalist shelving units that don’t overwhelm the space and that work with the rest of the furniture. 

7. Replace Old Floors, Rugs or Carpets 

Homebuyers are easily turned off by worn rugs, stained carpets or old, squeaking floors. This might not be a cheap investment, but consider replacing faulty floors if your budget allows it. Porcelain and ceramic tiles, laminate floors and solid hardwoods are far more valuable than vinyl tiles and carpeting. If replacing flooring is not your top priority, you can still make it look clean and polished without paying an arm and a leg. For rugs and carpets, consider using cleaning services that deep clean them and leave them looking like new. Even if they have small imperfections, hardwood floors always look better after being polished and waxed. This can be an inexpensive weekend DIY that will add more value to your house.

(The Lenders Network)